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The Date (yyyy-mm-dd)

Have you received written permission from the manager/owner of the location?

Will the host location/event require CAP’s tax ID #/a 1099?

Is the event in conflict with local laws or restrictions? (i.e. car wash during regulated water)

Have you briefed all senior members to only wear corporate-style uniforms?

All members will be in appropriate uniforms including height/weight/grooming in accordance with CAPM 39-1?

Do you have a safety plan?

Does the safety plan include appropriate safety gear, hydration, first aid, etc?

Has the safety plan already been briefed to participants?

Do you have adequate senior members for cadet protection?

Is the event posted to the unit calendar?

Have parents/guardians been informed of the details?

Will you be utilizing a corporate-owned vehicle (COV) to transport members to the fundraiser site?

Will the vehicle be inspected and driver will be properly rested before the return trip?

Will you be utilizing a CAP owned plane as a static display?

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